Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of extension pole do I need for EasyMoor?
EasyMoor fits standard threaded extension poles available at home improvement stores. The thread is consistent in most countries.
Does EasyMoor Come With A Pole?
EasyMoor does Not come with an extension pole. The cost of shipping a pole usually exceeds the price of buying one locally.
What Kind Of Mooring Buoy Does EasyMoor work with?
The ring on the buoy can be no thicker than 5/8" (16mm).
Where Do You Ship To?
We send our products to North and South America, Europe, The UK, Australia and New Zealand.
How Much Is Shipping?
We have a standard shipping fee of 10 USD.
How Long Does Shipping Take?
Estimated Shipping Times:
North and South America 5 to 9 Business Days.
Europe, The UK, Australia and New Zealand 7 to 12 Business Days.
Where Are Your Products Made?
All of our products were designed in Canada and are being made in Canada from Canadian and American raw materials.